Set─âri CNC 6040 de la CNCEST. 6040 configuration settings

­čçĚ­čç┤Pentru cei care nu au primit CD sau stick cu set─ârile pentru configurarea cnc-ului 6040 de la CNCEST. Am ata╚Öat copia primita de mine, con╚Ťine profilul xml cu set─ârile necesare pentru conectarea cnc-ului.

­čç║­čç▓For those who didn’t get the CD or USB with configuration settings for 6040cnc from CNCEST. The attachment contains all the files provided by the manufacturer and mach3 configuration xml file.

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    • From but depends from where are you located. If you are inside european union i recommend buying from a seller that shipps from a country inside of EU. Import taxes are pretty high and i suggest you avoid importing straight from china.

    • This 6040 could be a good start. Depends on what exactly do you expect to get from this cnc. I tried to use this 6040 for production and in 6 months the spindle bearings where done and the y ballscrew started getting stuck. But i pushed it too far.


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